Thanks for checking out Shoppe 561. The store is located at 319 Belvedere Road in West Palm Beach, Florida. Be sure to follow Shoppe 561 on your favorite social media outlets and sign up for the e-letter to keep up on all the latest happenings. If you are an artisan or artisan instructor, I hope you will explore the possibilities of being an artisan for Shoppe 561.

How Shoppe 561 has come about:

After achieving the 25 year milestone at one of the world’s largest retailers, I felt a stirring in my soul that there was more I was called to do. Experiences in Rwanda, international travel, and new knowledge from my master’s program journey inspired me to dream. Those dreams, fueled by hope, led me to create Shoppe 561.

Developing and building a sense of community among artisans and customers while leaving a lasting impression on visitors is my vision for Shoppe 561. In a world of mass production, I invite you to step into Shoppe 561 and be inspired by hand-crafted items rarely found in a typical store. Read artisan stories that reveal their passion to create. Artisans of all ages and stages of life throughout Florida will be featured in the shoppe with new items being added continually.

I believe it’s our moral obligation to give back, every item sold at Shoppe 561 will contribute to the movement to end human trafficking. Modern day slavery is a hidden epidemic in Florida. We must help bring this to an end.

Shoppe 561 will also offer classes to awaken your inner-artisan and inspire your soul. Unlocking creativity, building community, supporting worthy causes, believing no matter what there is always hope: that’s Shoppe 561.