Our Purpose

Welcome to Shoppe 561 where items are made in the USA or by marginalized women around the world. The underlying theme for our shoppe is Hope and we are shining a light on Modern Day Slavery. We support Place of Hope's Human Trafficking Initiative: Prevention, Education and Recovery.

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Our Mission

We all have a role to play in helping end modern day slavery. The Shoppe has been called to shine a light by educating all who walk through our doors. Knowing it is the responsibility of every local business to give back to the community, every item sold contributes to South Florida organizations focused on ending human trafficking.

Florida is the #3 state for human trafficking and that in itself is overwhelming and heart breaking. The shoppe is committed to shining a light on this issue through education and supporting Place of Hope's Human Trafficking Initiative. We all have a role to play in bringing an end to human trafficking.

Donated to Place of Hope Human Trafficking Initiative since November 2013:


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