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Life is Short

Posted by Janelle Lang on



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I have always known our time on earth is short in the big picture; our life on earth is like a “vapor” (Christine Caine demonstrated it best when she took a bottle of perfume and gave one squirt = our life) in the span of eternity. I have been blessed with most of my grandparents living to old age and still have one grandpa going on 101; when I think half my life is possibly still ahead if I take after grandpa it is easy to say I have time. I cannot let myself be lulled into this thinking and must remain vigilant in “doing” and “living” because I am not guaranteed tomorrow.

Lately I find myself writing letters to those I have known through Gap or various places I have lived to send notes of sympathy and encouragement because without warning the life of a loved one was taken.


Many mornings I wake up and wonder what I am thinking to expand the shoppe and take such a risk based on our balance sheet and not have a plan B. Who is this woman in the mirror looking back at me calm about the fact she does not know where she will hang her Shoppe 561 sign come September 1st? I wear my The Giving Keys® “let go” key every day but I am not fooling God or myself on this one. I haven’t let go; I am pretending I have but doubts continue to rise and self talk is needed to get myself back on track reminding myself God has an amazing spot that is going to blow me away. It will be revealed in His timing and His way. I am doing my best to trust knowing His plan is so awesome but patience is not one of my gifts. Currently I am working through my 1 in a million space location - the one I see as my dream location to patiently wait on God for clarity in how to pursue.

I take heart more than ever in the fact everyday I am called to live, take risks, try new things knowing failure happens along the way. I need to live boldly to do things that are upside down and crazy to many because if I don’t, my life will be incomplete. I will have missed out on blessings, on the ability to bless others and create stronger community by not taking a step forward.

You hear the quote all the time “live like you’re dying” so I have to challenge myself – what am I afraid of, what opinions of others do I fear, who or what other businesses am I comparing myself to that is standing in the way of me embracing the life I was called to live.

Will I trust God enough to step forward into His plan vs my vision and “take the space” that He has destined for Shoppe 561 and truly let go.

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