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Even in the Dark......

Posted by Janelle Lang on

Searching for the perfect space for Shoppe 561 is what I thought it would be -- challenging. I continue to remind myself we have plenty of time and THE space we are to have will arrive at the appointed time.

I found myself last Friday looking at a location on South Dixie within my radius having the square footage and the right per square foot cost but the parking wasn't great and could be potentially challenging. The windows were okay but not what I desired yet I found myself all weekend trying to figure out how it could work; even though I am working hard on "let go" the planner and organizer making up my DNA doesn't like the waiting part of "Let GO".

Thankful for a wise friend whose opinion I had asked about parking just came out and said - "not good move on". Listening to a song today by Meredith Andrews "Not for a Moment" and the following lines really hit me:

You were singing in the dark 
Whispering Your promise 
Even when I could not hear 
I was held in Your arms 
Carried for a thousand miles to show 
Not for a moment did You forsake me

God continues to remind me He has the space for us, He is constant, faithful and He will provide the space we need. My job is pray, listen and step out in faith trusting in His provision.

Thank you for your continued prayers, for real estate leads. I truly love the community continuing to come together it means the world to me!

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