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Thank you for following along on my journey to find the new location for Shoppe 561. I am humbled by the messages, those letting me know you are praying, people texting me when they see a new “for lease” sign. I am thankful and understand now why God made it so clear I was to share the entire journey.

The pictures below are from my trip to Montana last July when I did my century ride for Hope House Florida. I was reminded today how much zip lining down a mountain in Big Sky Montana is like my current journey. It requires me to "let go", to step off the platform trusting my equipment and my guide to get me to the next platform safely. It requires me to pay attention and reach out to catch the line I am given. God reminds me He has given me all the tools/equipment needed and He will guide me safely on this journey -- I just need to pay attention and do what He tells me to do.

Today’s post from a timing perspective overlaps with my last blog post. I will try to make it clear what occurred before the Memorial Day Weekend conversations with God and what occurred after. It really is quite amazing how it is all woven together.

When you are working harder than the other party…back off.

One of the principles I learned during my masters program in pastoral counseling was when you are working harder than the other party it’s time to back off. I have also found the principle true in the world of business. Regarding my One in a Million location I made quite a few phone calls to the numbers on the sign to no avail meaning either no one called back or if answered the person wasn’t in and leaving a message was not an option. I finally hit a point I stopped calling – my sense was something bigger was at play and it was not to be at that moment or ever (of course that did not stop me from standing in the door frame and asking God to give me the space months ago).

I kept looking for other locations and on the side tried to determine another angle to get some type of response. I decided to figure out who the decision maker was on the space. I made my best guess based on my research and created a plan. As I was working through my plan I didn’t have peace and felt I needed to back off knowing it was not the right way or timing.

So back to the Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend, a friend sent me a text about an article in the afternoon online edition of the paper. She almost didn’t send it to me because she knows I read the paper; but I read it at night so I was clueless to her news.  Details about my One in a Million space were in a very small article. The crazy part – the article was only in the online afternoon edition, it was not in the actual paper and has yet to show up in the paper. My mom was the only other person who called it out (God had a back up in place in case my friend didn’t send).

The good news for me the case I was building was right on target based on the article but what I loved more… the confirmation the space was for lease. So of course back on the phone I go. First number that I had left soooo many messages on, person answers but says not his property and of course I am so perplexed but remember this is the same person who never returned any of my calls. Now I call the second number and actually get a voice mail allowing me to leave a message. I left a message and decided not to call back over the weekend but to call on Tuesday.

Interlude – this is where all the activities from my prior blog about my lessons on rarely keeping things we manipulate and giving the space back to God if it meant His presence was not there.

So on Tuesday morning May 31st I call the number and the same unhelpful woman prior answers and she says the woman I am asking for doesn’t exist (but I left her a message and her voice mail had the name) and they don’t have that property for lease and she has nothing else to stay.

I hang up literally thinking I need to go to the location where the owner of the building’s office resides and just throw myself on the floor and ask for a phone number and assure them I will follow the process but I need a phone number where the person on the other end will acknowledge it is their space.

Good news before I could totally go off the deep end I needed to drop a cart off to my sister at South Olive Elementary to make moving her classroom easier. Driving I hear a voice as I am passing the One in a Million location “ check the last 4 digits of the second number”. So I look and memorize them. When I get to a stoplight I look up the phone number I had just called about the space and realize the last 4 digits don’t match – they have changed the sign.

After dropping off at South Olive I stop by the location and write the new numbers down, go home and call both numbers. Within 10 minutes I have a text from the person who is showing the property and a call from his assistant. Literally I am stunned. The person showing the property is out of the country but promises to call the next day. He calls June 1st – and we set a time later that day to see the One in a Million location.

I now take the one page business case I created as my pitch for why Shoppe 561 would be the best tenant for the property and tweak it for the meeting. It was a short but sweet meeting and anything I asked wasn’t an issue and the upgrades they are going to make to the space left me speechless.

All of this is awesome but I am still very aware this might not be our space. I am patiently waiting and not trying to get ahead of God. So many little things happened throughout June 1st that lead me to believe God was showing me His presence certainly is there but I am breathing and doing my best to rest in the fact that God is making His presence known, and if this does not come through the space He has prepared will leave me even more speechless.

 It seems no surprise to me when I finally was able to release the space and “LET GO” of MY dream, MY One in a Million and gave it over to God making it His space and His presence a priority the heavens opened up.

 At the end of our meeting on June 1st the next step was to send me an application and of course you know I was hoping it would be in my hands June 2nd so I could get it done and keep things moving but that was not to be the case. I checked in on Friday to let the contact know I was still interested and looking forward to receiving the application.... more waiting. On Tuesday I was about done in as you all know by now patience is not one of my virtues or a spiritual gift. During Bible Study Tuesday night one of the points in our lesson was about needing to be in control vs letting God and how that translates into lack of faith.

Wednesday morning as I was journaling I surrendered the timing and told God I get there is a purpose in the waiting. He is working in my waiting and when the time is right for me to receive the application it will come. Thankfully the application email for the One in a Million space came yesterday (June 8) afternoon and about 1:30 am today (June 9) I sent it back to the contact.

Breathing and at peace because God continues to show He's got this and is teaching me in this season the importance of waiting and trusting His timing.




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  • Janelle,
    Just wanted to let you know we are sending prayers from NY. Cant wait to see what is next for Shoppe 561!!!!!

    Valerie LAPapa on
  • Janelle, I too struggle mightily with the P-word. I take some comfort in the knowledge that God made m this way – also for his purposes – and I trust some day he will smile on my lack of patience – because I know he has already forgiven me for its lack.

    Janie on
  • Great news!!!

    Heather of Heathered on
  • Janelle, as you know I am on sabbatical in California. Your journey is important to me, I’m following . In my journey, I’ve learned God has a sense of humor , usually at my expense, because, as you, I have no patience. I love your pastoral sense of talking, I’m taking heed, so maybe I will come back renewed. Still praying for your perfect spot. Following faithfully, Sandy Yavorcik

    SAndy YAvorcik on
  • This was an awesome article, Janelle and I hear you on so many levels! Best-

    Dana on

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