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Hope is Found in Community

Posted by Janelle Lang on



Tonight I learned my lesson from last week; I waited until the shoppe was closed to begin my Saturday night reflections. Once again the activities and events of today and this evening brought all the reflections of the week together.

Community is our theme for the year and again this week I was reminded again and again by our customers how much they value being able to just come into the shoppe and be. I love that people find it brings them hope, inspiration and encouragement.

Sitting at the artisan table with Soap Maker Scott going through how each family member is doing and just how life is in general, how we can pray for Jenny and how we can support him. Talking about the opportunity to give back and pay it forward with the upcoming blood drive – having the opportunity to rally the community to help make a difference.

Delivering a custom wrap that artisan Marie went above and beyond to ensure we could deliver it in time for grandma to see it on her granddaughter before she left the next day for home. What a delight to knock on the customer’s door with a beautifully wrapped box to make that wish come true. Even more fun to watch the precious girl celebrate doing a dance around her living room in her new wrap.

Picking up custom orders at artisan Ashley’s house today – I started having a coughing fit due to this virus I am fighting. Ashley gets me vitamin C, water and her secret weapon “counter attack” for me to take to help me get healthy while making a custom bangle.

Meeting the wife of one of our regulars who stays at the hotel across the street when he comes down for croquet tournaments. The perfect gift she found to give the people they were staying with happened to be a display item – well of course I wrapped it up and it is now blessing their hostess. Sometimes you just do what you need to do.

All of these snapshots are continued reminders to me that community happens when at least two people make a decision to engage. Every day we have a choice to choose in to community or let it pass us by; the choice is yours. 

HOPE is found in community because wherever there is community there is a group of people who believe together they can make a difference, that they are better together.


P.S. For those of you who are in the South Florida vicinity, I hope you will choose in to community this Tuesday and Wednesday and help us pay back and forward the blood bank for Jenny Spell. The drive is at PBAU. It might mean waiting in line, finding a parking space, having someone watch the kids, taking a longer lunch break or a myriad of things but it is saying yes to being part of something bigger than yourself.


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