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Community: Circle of Life

Posted by Janelle Lang on


Giving Mrs. Petti the check from shopping night that kicked off our
November shopping month for Palm Beach Public Elementary School Art Program.


Saturday night reflections lead me to think of how we truly are becoming a part of the community. We have had a lot of special orders placed this week; husbands placing orders for their wives to commemorate births, wedding gifts, and anniversary gifts (with Brooke’s now famous Roman numeral cuff bracelet by Brianna). We also had a woman order bracelets that she and her mom were going to wear at the memorial service for her dad.

Being a shoppe that supports custom orders we  see the circle of life. It is a privilege to provide just what each customer needs for their current situation. We rejoice in the new lives, marriages and mourn/celebrate the lives no longer with us. We will cry with you, laugh with you and just listen because we care; we want you to feel welcome and at home. Community means you are always welcome.

We don’t take for granted that you have entrusted us to preserve a memory. We count it an honor and are thankful you have chosen us.

Loving the envelope for the Palm Beach Public Art Program getting full as parents continue to shop. Excited to have raised over $250 so far this month to ensure Mrs. Petti has the resources to truly create with the children. The thought her budget for the year is $300 and we are coming close to matching her budget with our shopping month gets me excited. Ensuring we are cultivating young artisans is part of our heartbeat.

Watching the Soap Making Class Friday night it was amazing to see once again how a group of 10 quickly connected over soap and life; it made our shoppe community that much richer. Making new friends and connections, the circle of community is never ending.

Community - thankful we are a part yours and we look forward to growing our roots deep.

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