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Encouragement = Community

Posted by Janelle Lang on


As I turned the calendar to December, I had a great sense of anticipation about all the month would hold. Let’s face it December is the biggest month of the year for every retailer. Deep down I know that this really is the month that will determine our course for 2015 and give a strong indicator of how many “I am doing all my shopping here” translates into reality.

In Bible study we have been doing a study on prayer and we were talking about do we pray “big enough” asking God to do more than we can wrap our minds around. Really it boils down to faith. Do I trust God to take and make of Shoppe 561 what He desires, knowing that His plan and vision are far greater than mine.

In this photo I look so confident like I have it all together but in reality, I am a mess like everyone else. I doubt and second-guess myself; I wake up some mornings wondering what I have done starting my own business (still). When I am operating on little sleep and haven’t eaten and the to do list is long and keeps getting reprioritized I wonder if calgon really will take me away.

It’s at those moments God uses community to encourage me. Community reminds me that I need to increase my faith, that there is a bigger picture that I can’t see just yet. I have been humbled as friends this past week have been posting photos and comments about the shoppe reminding their social media followers to come visit, friends from many relocations ago sending messages asking to order things for Christmas, and current customers bringing in new friends.

Saturday we had a booth at Junior League’s Deck the Palms and for those who have been at the shoppe you can imagine my challenge to make a 10 x 10 space look like the shoppe. As I would start to tell shoppers about the shoppe, when I heard “oh I know your shoppe, I thought this looked familiar”, “I was just in your shoppe earlier this week” or “I have heard about you and have been meaning to come”. All of these things just were so good for my soul to hear. Hearing from the girls that a few customers came to the shoppe after the event and continued their shopping made my heart happy.

Community is what motivates us to keep going and for that I am so thankful for my Shoppe 561 community.

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  • Loved reading your post. God is a God of miracles and great things. Be encouraged that if He Has opened this door for you, He will bless you greatly. I purchased a class for my cousin last year and was looking to purchase one for a great friend. Look forward to what’s coming up in your shoppe. May the Lord continue blessing you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!

    Bry on

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