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Posted by Janelle Lang on

“Joy is a function of gratitude, and gratitude is a function of perspective. You only begin to change your life when you begin to change the way you see.” - Ann VoskampThe Greatest Gift: Unwrapping the Full Love Story of Christmas


Gold Cuff by Artisan Brianna

 What a great week it was at the shoppe and what a privilege to serve so many shoppers. Saturday was fun to celebrate our Chloe on her birthday and seeing one of my interns come in after her graduation so I could meet her family. In addition just connecting with so many new faces and reconnecting with faces that are just getting back to town.

For me it was a week of extreme situations that really showed me how much I LOVE what I am doing and so thankful God’s plan was far different than mine.

On the one hand, it was a delight to help a husband figure out a custom order for his wife, another husband trying to sneak in the purchase without his wife seeing but being foiled by their little boy who insisted on being the one to pay (good news it is still safe at the cash wrap waiting for his phone call to purchase) and another getting coached via text message on his choice for his wife.

Seeing a friend talk her friend out of the necklace she wanted to buy only so the friend could come back and buy it for her was sweet. Boxing up presents to ship on behalf of a customer to her nieces and friends far away, and a friend from when I lived in San Francisco calling to place a Christmas order just to encourage me!

It was fun to surprise a very good little 5 year old shopping with his mom with a chocolate lollipop when he left. We had cupcakes out but they had nuts in them and he was allergic to nuts. He was so good shopping and dealing with the fact that he couldn’t have the cupcake and I thought he deserved to be delighted with an even better treat.

The other extreme was helping a 16-year-old girl find a necklace to give to her cousin/best friend who just lost her mom. She was going to take it to her that same evening. She wanted to add a red stone to the Brianna necklace we found since that was the mom’s birthstone. When I tell you I tore apart all of the back stock boxes of artisans looking for a red stone, I really mean it. There was no way I was going to let her leave without that added element and so thankful there was one red stone that was found.

In both extremes the love and care taken to find the right gift really spoke to my heart. It reminded me again the shoppe is more than just a retail outlet, it is a place of community where we are happy to listen to the story to help our customers express what they want to say; a place where creating a custom piece is welcome.

I may be a bit sleep deprived so I am hoping all of this makes since.I am grateful for the shoppe and all of the wonderful people who come through the doors each day. My heart is full to overflowing as I continue to see the Joy in the every day events at the shoppe. Having a grateful heart really does change perspective.

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