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So many things to reflect on from this past week and so many great stories with all the Christmas gift giving. What an unexpected delight to be featured on Channel 5 news thanks to Katie Johnson. We felt the impact Christmas Eve with new shoppers buying additional gifts even though they were done as they were compelled by the story. Saturday we even had shoppers from Port St. Lucie that had seen the story and wanted to check it out. I continue to be humbled by the response of our new customers to the shoppe. I love that they feel that connection and are excited to have found us like we are a hidden treasure and we hope to soon be a treasure that is well known!

Seeing the number of custom gifts that had so much thought, care and love put in them was encouraging. It was an honor to be part of the story to help the gift giver share their thoughts and feelings. One of my favorite memories is a dad who bought one of Artisan Kristin’s pre-made scrapbook for a baby boy; he  was going to print out pictures of his four month old  and give it to his wife for Christmas. The story behind their baby boy pretty much had me in tears and I can only imagine that mama was a puddle of tears Christmas morning. There is no way he could have pulled that off on his own and so it was a great joy to be able to be part of his story.

One of the questions Katie asked me in the interview was what was the one thing I was most surprised about the shoppe and every time I started to answer I started to cry - -not being one who cries it really gave me a cause to pause. Through my tears I was trying to express that our customers always feel welcome and many feel like they are home when they walk in – if they are having a bad day, sometimes they come in to be cheered up and inspired and other days they want to celebrate and share what is happening in their lives.

Truly the one thing I never expected was that we would become part of our customers’ stories and how much it would impact me to my core.

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