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Reflecting this Saturday night on what has been a great week filled with so many new customers and seeing them get excited that they have “found us”. As many of you know our word for 2015 is Community and we are continuing to find ways to become more engrained in our community. I am excited about this coming Thursday as we host another “milk & cookie” art reception with the South Olive Elementary principal and the the artists whose work we now have on display.

My personal word for the year is BOLD, as I want to ensure I am not putting God in a box in any area of my life; I am praying big things confident He can do all of it and more for the shoppe and myself. Sometimes I am not even sure what I am praying for but I ask God to take my prayers and translate them into even bigger things.

I am already encouraged by how I am seeing this attitude change impact my life and that of the shoppe. Excited to share shortly some tangible ways God has answered my prayers. What do I have to lose by being BOLD – absolutely nothing and what do I have to gain by being BOLD – everything!



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