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1905 South Dixie Highway

Posted by Janelle Lang on

Three Years Ago

Today commemorates so many things for me. Three years ago I was still wondering where Shoppe 561 was going to open, biking up and down S. Dixie Highway knowing our home was waiting for us. Our current lease was signed September 1st. Now three years later I just signed a lease on our new home that is 700 plus square feet bigger and actually on S. Dixie Highway.

Three years ago I had artisan possibilities but did not have one artisan – I hadn’t even connected with a lawyer to create an artisan contract. Today, I am getting ready to contact a stack of artisans who have applied to be in the shoppe and have another 8 confirmed who will be adding their products into the shop.

Three years ago I hadn’t even thought about having classes or parties at the shoppe, as that was way beyond what I could manage. Now I have Brooke sourcing instructors to provide learning opportunities almost every night of the week and creating packages for birthday parties, baby and bridal showers.


The Journey

Today’s lease signing is just one more step in the journey. I would be kidding myself to thing I have arrived now that the location I had deemed “one in a million” is secured. God has made it very clear 1905 S Dixie Hwy is where we are to be but I know it won’t be all champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

The road ahead will have may “plot twists” that will stretch me and cause me to dig deep and trust God to it work out. Saying out loud to myself the journey is more important than arriving at the destination. Just as there were so many things I couldn’t see 3 years ago there are so many things I can’t even begin to comprehend will come our way. The possibilities, the Hope House girls and the community we serve are what keep me moving forward!

The one thing I continue to hold fast to is we are where God’s presence is and I have to remain diligent, seek wisdom and trust He will bring it all to fruition.

Financially it's a leap of faith to take on the location we are moving to and it requires me to think and operate differently. What keeps me going when I think I am crazy is the Shoppe 561 community. When I start to question myself someone encourages me or something happens in the shoppe that reminds me we are on track and to push forward even when it gets really hard.

Yesterday (August 4th) was a tougher day than anticipated with almost everything not going as planned. At one point I was doing emergency work on our AC unit as water was in the pan – thankfully I have been taught well and was able to fix it but certainly it was not on the list and it kept rolling like that all day long.

When I thought the day couldn’t get any worse the phone rang. I answered the phone and the man on the other end wanted to know if we had any ring boxes. I told him we did not but asked the occasion as we had other boxes. He told me he was going to propose; I told him we could take a starfish in the shoppe, tie the ring to it and put it inside one of the treasure boxes the Hope House girls had made if he wanted to surprise her. He loved the idea and came to the shoppe. Chloe set out to create the perfect set up for him. He had never visited us prior and had searched online when a traditional retailer didn’t have anything he liked and that is how he found us.

It made me so happy to know we were able to create the perfect solution allowing him to express his personality when he proposes. It is an honor our community of artisans and the shoppe team get to help you create memorable moments.

New Location

Today I signed a lease committing us for the next 3 years to 1905 S. Dixie Highway. We are between Kanuga and Flamingo and will take on the southern half of the building formerly the Peggy Adams Thrift Store. I am most excited about our neighbor 2 doors down – Grato. When many of you shop you come with friends and want to have lunch or dinner. Many of you coming to a class juggle logistics of finding a place to eat and then rushing to class. Our new location gives you the easy button. Grato is one of my favorite places to eat and the food and service are superb. By the time we open mid to late October you will be able to enjoy both lunch and dinner at Grato and on Saturday and Sunday partake in their amazing brunch as well as dinner.

Below is a video of our new location - Chloe has a way of getting me to do crazy things so enjoy the extra spins at the end.


I don’t think it is a coincidence the shoppe with the underlying theme of hope is next to the restaurant whose name Grato means grateful. When we count our gifts and give thanks we cannot help but be filled with hope.

Much, much, much more to come…. we have a lot of road to cover before we move in to our new home. Giving thanks today for where we have come from and for all that lies ahead. Thank you for joining me on the journey it means a lot to have you along.



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