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We All Need Discipline

Posted by Janelle Lang on


Discipline, a word we cringe at but in reality it’s the backbone of our accomplishments. Blogging for me has always been associated with a specific event like trips to Rwanda, Ireland or the word Hope. I started blogging about the Shoppe a year and a half ago. I had grand visions for what the blog would become and then it just didn’t happen.

I have been reflecting why the blog didn’t take off and it is an easy answer. I did not apply the discipline to carving out time to write. Some of my excuses – I am not a great photographer and amazing shots are a must, will anyone want to read what I have to say and I need to be focused on selling,

Today is a new day with a commitment to blogging Tuesday and Friday’s at minimum regardless of how many read and follow. It is about me saying I can and I will do it because it is a priority in growing the Shoppe 561 brand. As we say in counseling taking time to reflect is where we learn a lot about ourselves so guaranteed I have a lot of learning’s ahead that will make me a better leader and business woman. Hopefully along the way you will be inspired and encouraged.

As I write this in various airports ultimately taking me to Montana, the word discipline is key to my adventure. Last September learning to ride on the road started out as a desire but soon turned into something requiring discipline because I wanted to get faster, stronger and bottom line be able to handle my bike well (don’t ask me about cornering that is going to require a lot more discipline and focus).

 When you boil it down, it is not about “can I” it is about “will I” be committed to the plan set out to achieve the specific goal. Cycling has taught me a lot about discipline as there are days it is unbearably hot, the bike seat and my bottom don’t want to be friends anymore but there are a lot of miles still to ride, my legs don’t like the intervals and it seems like the headwind is going to blow me away. For some reason amid all of these challenges I stay on my bike and keep going. I ask myself if I am so willing to keep going on my bike amidst these challenges, why do I so easily give up in other areas?

I encourage you to join my challenge. Pick one thing you want to do but never seem to execute – create a plan, get accountability and commit. You can do it! Feel free to leave it as a comment to this post.

Looking forward to a journey of hope, inspiration, and a little more discipline and learning.



P.S. Per my Facebook post on Wednesday the great news you won’t believe --- unbeknownst to me, a few supporters of Place of Hope currently have a donation match going on, that means the $4500 raised by so many of you for my Birthday is really $9,000 meaning an entire years education for all the girls at Hope House has been paid for! If you contributed to my Century Ride for Hope, your donation was doubled without you doing a thing! With that in mind, I have lowered the revised Century Ride Goal to $5250 as raising the additional $750 ultimately equals $1500. My ride is not until July 18th so it is not to late to be a part of transforming the lives of these girls.

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  • Sorry no question mark intended on previous comment. That was supposed to be an emoji!

    Brianna on

  • I have goosebumps! How absolutely incredible to find out what you have done. Lives changed forever. Wow! Praise God.

    Also— I personally love reading your blogs an am always inspired by your words. I’m excited that you’ll be blogging more often. ?

    Brianna on

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