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Community in Glacier National Park

Posted by Janelle Lang on


While traveling in Glacier National Park, my best friend and I were using their shuttle bus system to get between key points. One of the women on our shuttle was a volunteer in the park and her name was Debbie. Let me just say Debbie has never met a stranger. Everyone getting on the bus sitting anywhere near her she asked how they were doing, where they were from and always gave them some park tips. We were on the shuttle with her for about 40 minutes and every stop her welcome continued. Regardless the conversation she was always positive and affirming.

 As I was listening and reflecting it struck a chord in our busy lives we forget to see the people around us as part of the fabric woven into our lives. It was actually fun to listen to the conversations and gain a greater appreciation for other’s journeys. I learned a lot of facts from Debbie I had not read about in the guide books so was thankful for her willingness to share.

Later that same day on the way back a couple engaged me in conversation and again it was a long segment of road with construction. I found myself sharing with them my journey, why I was in Montana and Hope House. They loved the story and were so affirming. I too was encouraged with their story and journey that included him being struck by lightening and them currently being on a National Park tour and all the adventures they had up to that moment. They gladly showed pictures of their hikes to help me see parts of the park we didn't have the time to visit.

The sights were spectacular, time with my best friend great, but the community on the shuttle bus will be with me for a long time to come. Community is wherever we are and it occurs when we determine to see the world around us and engage. 

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