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One Step At A Time

Posted by Janelle Lang on


Patience is not one of my virtues but as I was reminded time and time again on my trip to Montana it always brings reward. We only had one day to visit Yellowstone Park and yes I am sure the Park Rangers hear that more often than they would like but it was our reality. We were focused on hitting the highlights before the sun went down, then I read in one of the guidebooks about Uncle Tom’s Trail that would lead us to a spectacular view of a waterfall.

The trail was not a “short one” and was a half a mile descent and at the end was 328 steps almost straight down. Taking this diversion was going to impact the plan but the reality is we were there and we had to do it because the book said it was not to be missed and I believed the book.

I have lived all over the United States but never in a city with a high altitude. I was just getting used to the fact that at times I was panting and feeling like I was out of shape when it wasn’t the case. So I knew going down and definitely coming up was going to be a bit more challenging.

The falls was everything and more! We took our pictures and enjoyed the view but not too long as there wasn’t much space so it meant time to climb the steps.

As you can see from the picture the steps are straight up and that smile was at the very beginning of the way up. Even once up the 328 steps it was another half mile up on switchback trails. Viv and I agreed each one for herself as it was more about keeping momentum going to get to the top since we no longer had the energy of someone 18 and under (yes they were doing two steps at a time and running up the trail).

When looking up the steps it seemed overwhelming but when I focused on one step at a time I achieved my goal. Reflecting on the hike it made me realize how often I don’t do something because I see all the challenges, obstacles and honestly the time involved. What would happen if I focused instead on the journey knowing I will achieve the desired goal and it will have been worth the wait.



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