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Hope Oozes in Yellowstone National Park

Posted by Janelle Lang on


Thank you for joining me as I reflect on my visit to Yellowstone National Park. Visiting Montana was a dream and the state of Wyoming was also on my list to visit. Due to my ignorance I did not realize until I saw the sign that said “you are now in Wyoming” that the majority of Yellowstone is in Wyoming (some parts are in Montana and some in Idaho). Great news for me, another state visited!

Yellowstone and Glacier National Park are like night and day as it relates to getting around. Yellowstone due to its’ expanse and road infrastructure system does not have a bus system. Parking at each key area (although at times limited but a few circles around usually resulted in a space) was the only way to see the park. There of course were many hikes but the majority of the “must see” sites  that are part of the Grand Loop were visible at areas where you could park and walk; if you wanted the next level of experience you could continue to hike like we did at Uncle Tom’s.

Uncle Tom's Trail: 328 steps down in less than a half a mile descent with 8000 ft elevation is how I made up for missing Pure Barre. Final set of steps leading down to this beautiful waterfalls.

From the landing area I was able to capture a rainbow that was just past the falls. 



Yellowstone was a contrast of colorful hot springs, mud pots, geysers, beautiful lakes, waterfalls, forests and mountains. Animals roamed throughout the park because it is there home to include bison hoofing it on the roadways.



As you will see in the photos below, when you look at the beauty of creation, you see the handwork of God who created this breathtaking beauty. The mud pots are not beautiful but they show the creativity of the creator whose imagination is limitless and they were created with a purpose.


Variety of angles and distances of the lower falls at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.


Variety of thermals.  The thermals are deceiving as if you fell in you would be scalded to death and the surface is just a thin layer of crust. 


Old Faithful at the beginning and then full height of eruption.


The entire visit I was overwhelmed with Hope because if our God showed such detail in creating all that is Yellowstone, how much more is He involved in the details of my life. Yellowstone and all of creation was created for our pleasure and enjoyment. I am so thankful and blessed I was able to see creation on a whole new level, to be inspired by the diversity and how it was woven together.


Gibson Falls. One of the first sites visitors entering from the west see.


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  • It is GIBBON FALLS, not GIBSON!! Since about 1879.

    Millie Robinson on

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