Duty or Delight

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A few years ago I did a study on Duty or Delight as it relates to how we view our relationship with God. As I turned 50 that phrase “duty and delight” kept replaying in my head. I began seeing in every area and aspect of my life the difference in results when I acted out of duty vs. delight.

Realizing when I act out of a desire from my heart it’s always a delight. When my attitude and heart is right even a duty becomes a delight. Knowing just the switch in attitude can bring transformation gives me hope.


A year ago today many of us were beginning the journey of prayer for this precious one pictured in my arms. She was in Dallas fighting for her life surrounded by family and all the rest of us could do was pray. One of the things her mama had asked for was Scriptures and words to pray and speak over baby girl that would also bring encouragement to the family. A Facebook page was created and many wrote encouraging words. Since I love the mama of this baby girl like she was my own I committed to posting every night a prayer on the page. Sometimes my arrival home from the shoppe was early morning but my priority was posting a prayer – one I saw as a delight as I knew it was encouraging mama and baby girl, it was what I could do. If someone was watching me as I wrote the post they probably thought I was crazy as I would read my prayer out loud and sing the song that I put in at the end knowing that baby girl could hear me all the way in Dallas. I was filled with hope that she would hear not only my voice but  her mama would speak and sing to her those same words in person. I share this not because this is anything out of the ordinary as I guarantee there were many who were doing AMAZING things; over the past few months people have come up to me to say thank you for the posts and how they were encouraged. I was surprised as I was writing them for two people and clueless the impact they were having on others. I have come to realize when we do things out of delight our attitude and actions have a ripple effect. We have no idea when we do something out of delight the lives we will impact.

Every time I see the face of baby girl I see hope. Hope defying all odds, turning the every day duty into actions of delight coming from a place of love. She is now one years old and an overcomer if ever I saw one. A true delight to hold her and love on her in person giving me a added boost of hope.

At the end of the day we have a choice, to see our every day actions as a duty or delight. Duty gets the job done, but delight fills our heart with joy and gives us reason to hope.

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