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The last two days I attended the Global Leadership Conference put on by Willow Creek Church. The line up of leaders was unbelievable representing all areas of the business world. It was just what I needed to fill back up my personal/leader development tank and help me reflect on how I am leading my team and my business.

The last speaker was Craig Groeschel, pastor of LifeChurchTV.Com. His message was simple – it is a proven fact that your body can do more than your brain thinks you can do. The point he was driving home was as leaders we have the capacity to do more than we think.

Two examples immediately came to mind validating the concept: Pure Barre classes are about creating muscle fatigue to get a shake in the muscles to help sculpt them. I am the first to admit when my muscles start shaking I want to come out of the position because my brain is saying your legs are shaking – stop but my body will manage to get through if I stay focused. Same thing when I am riding my road bike into strong headwind my brain thinks 15 mph is the best I could ever do and that is a push. When I recreate the same ride with a group suddenly I am able to go 17/18 mph. My brain doesn’t get a vote and of course my legs can go faster because my body can do more than my brain thinks.

I then layered in one of the points Dr. Brené Brown shared about our brain. When an event occurs our brain is wired to make up a story about what is happening. How true when I thought about it – how many times when a friend didn’t text me back immediately I created a story about why they were not texting like they were mad; they were avoiding me, and etc. all things my brain made up without any facts to back up the story.

Putting the two together, I realized how often the story I create when thinking about the Shoppe and my personal life places limits on my goals and dreams. I need to believe I am capable of doing so much more because I am and so are you.

Jim Collins’ wisdom put all of this in perspective – our failures bring growth and the point of our goals is to grow so it is okay to set goals that are not easy to achieve. His challenge was we should all have a BHAG - A Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal that scares us and isn’t easy to accomplish. Having a BHAG requires me to step out and do more because I know I am capable of more than my brain will ever believe.

Ephesians 3:20 tells us God is able to do immeasurably MORE than we could hope or imagine. God does the “more” through us reminding me again am I asking God for the “more” or am I letting my brain determine my capability.

My take away from the last two days is clear – I am capable of more, the Shoppe is capable of more. Now I need to get out a blank sheet of paper to determine what that MORE is and not settle for what I know I can do. Excited and scared at the same time for what the next few weeks of reflecting and visioning will bring.

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