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Over the past 5 days I have had the opportunity to test my response when surprises occur I deem as not good surprises. The events reminded me again and again the heart's response can transform my attitude.

Discovering our shoppe bike stolen, the AC pan full with the motor about to shut off (impacting the restaurant next door) and an overflowing toilet where water came out of the sink when plunging were just a few of the fun events in the last 5 days. For some you are relating to similar challenges that have occurred in your house.

Now for those of you thinking it is all roses owning your own business, know there are a few thorns along the way. I still wouldn’t have it any different. Soap maker Scott was looking at me and the floor post the AC crisis and he just laughed and said, "everyone thinks owning a business is so glamorous"; definitely I am not the poster child for glamour.

Choosing Joy, seeing the good even if I needed to get through the crisis has been liberating. My bike shop – Palm Beach Bicycle Trail in Palm Beach put together a bike they were getting ready to get rid of (since it had no brakes, gears or bolt for the seat) and gave it to me. Just perfect for the shoppe to hold flowers and a sign to send a “come in and visit us” message. In the meantime, our original bike was found ditched in an alley because it didn’t work so now the shoppe has two bikes. We are using our found bike on the side to switch things up and message when we are open. I have already seen an jump in visitors who were at the eye doctor or restaurant in the 3 days we moved the bike to the side.

Giving thanks because there were so many AC issues when the shoppe first opened and having such an excellent AC company in Perfec Temp and an owner who is a good teacher, I was able to figure out the issue to get the motor on the pump working again. Using the wet/dry vac to remove all the water in the pan was a bit challenging because the soap class in progress was using the sink and bathroom causing me to figure out a new way to empty the vac (no stress at all). So lets just say a good mopping was needed when all was said and done.

Choosing to give thanks with toilet overflowing – at least it happened with people I know who tried to help. All the rugs had to get washed and the bathroom cleaned a third time for the day but it could have been much worse. The plumber was able to come out and snake the line and break free what was stuck. The bonus he was excited to come back and buy things for his girlfriend as he had not been in the shoppe before.

As I was mopping the shoppe again Monday night when all was good with the word,  I was replaying all 3 of the incidents above and took time to give thanks. Thanks the temporarily stolen bike pushed me to redecorate the outside of the shoppe and a generous bike shop to replace what was stolen. Thankful the AC was caught in time, giving even more thanks I have a shoppe with air conditioning knowing so many other places around the world go without AC. Grateful the toilet overflow didn’t happen during one of the two birthday parties on Saturday - what a disaster it would have been especially at the 3 year old party. Thankful the shoppe has indoor plumbing and we not have to walk to find a bathroom.

Giving thanks truly allowed me to see the good and remember even in the midst when it looks bad, there is good to be found.

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  • In the middle of making liver treats for my greyhounds last Sunday, I thought to myself….what if this blender were to die on me with 8 pounds of raw liver sitting on my kitchen counter. Ten seconds later, my blender died! It’s as if my negative thoughts sent out negative energy to this device!
    Though this was most likely a spooky coincidence, I reminded myself how useless and destructive negativity can be.
    New blender bought. Dogs are fat and happy. My life is full and wonderful.

    Elizabeth Paquette on
  • How cool that you gained a customer in the plumber! :)
    I didn’t know you did birthday parties for so young! Please send me info! _

    Elisabeth Neumann on

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