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Posted by Janelle Lang on

Can I see a show of hands for those in the overwhelmed and drowning in your to do list club? Feel like you are on the wheel in the hamster cage? I laugh at my calendar when I continue to see the majority of my to do’s for the day with an arrow moving them to the next day already filled with to do’s.

It took a run in with a car while I was on my bike Wednesday night to help me get some fresh perspective. Good news is I am okay, my bike is okay and I am praying the young driver took to heart my words of wisdom about bike awareness.

Nonetheless it gave me cause for pause to breathe and take a step back. I canceled an artisan search trip for the balance of the week, took out a blank sheet of paper read through my to do lists and then wrote out the priorities for the next 3 days that were mission critical to the long term success of Shoppe 561. All else was removed from the calendar. The minute I created the new focus, a sense of peace washed over me. I realized the expectations I place on myself leaving no white space leads to my state of being overwhelmed. Ensuring physical activity keeping me strong, healthy and showing me I can do more than my brain thinks possible is also critical to my calendar and must remain. For my own personal development and enjoyment I added reading a book a month back to my schedule. I love to read and it recharges me but I always make it low priority because it isn’t an “immediate need”. If I look at the big picture, reading fuels and inspires allowing me to execute my to do list with a higher level of excellence.

Learning I am the one who determines peace and my decisions drive the peace. Physically I will never be able to complete everything I desire for the Shoppe. I have to determine what others can do and what I can do and let the rest go.

Encouraging you today to take a blank peace of paper and write down what is mission critical to accomplish this next week and then add activities that fuel you and recharge you.

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  • Glad to hear you are ok :) Yes, finding the right balance can be so tricky! If you are doing one thing, you feel guilty because you aren’t dong another. I know for me balancing the needs of my children and husband and the desire to create can sometimes cause me to feel overwhelmed. But, I try to remember that everything has a time and place, just taking it one day at a time (easier said than done sometimes). Thank you for all you do! If I ever get to Florida I would love to stop in and see your shoppe :)

    channon :: sunshinebychannon on

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