The Path Is Hard - Stay On It!

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We all struggle to find worth in our day-to-day existence. Intrinsically we all desire to know we are making a difference in this world. The last few days for me have been focused on planning out the balance of 2015 – determining best use of my time, how to best promote the shoppe, drive traffic and prepare the best possible contingency plans for our holiday business now that we will have online selling.

The shoppe is progressing as it should and although I would love to be in the black I have come to embrace this is the season of preparation for black. Red is going to be our color for a few more months but if I properly prepare, direct, lead and plan my team of 75 plus, black will be our color when we hit our second birthday. My goal is that black will remain our only color as we move into year 3.

My worth many a day I wrongly place on the balance sheet of the shoppe. God reminds me every day His economy is not mine. The shoppe has a bigger purpose and I need to embrace and celebrate the shoppe is about building relationships and creating community.

Replaying the events I had witnessed at the shoppe when I ran in while I was on errands (Tuesday is always office day) I was resolved to tears driving to an appointment. Customers for a variety of reasons were coming in today creating custom pieces for some of the most intimate events in the life of their families. Pieces they needed sooner than later. I know my artisans will do whatever it takes to make them happen because they are wired to create pieces with the purpose of providing comfort and joy. I will drive wherever and whenever to ensure the customers have them when needed.

Reminded again not all success is measured on the balance sheet, intangibles like trust, community, and care, helpful are just as important. The shoppe must be all of the intangibles noted and more if we are going to be the gathering place for community to grow.

Humbled those today and many others look to us to help them create pieces to provide courage, peace, and joy and for some help keep memories alive.

Days like today remind me that although I hoped it would be easy, deep down I knew it would be hard but I know in my heart it is right so I keep moving forward.

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