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Hope Compels Me to Dream

Posted by Janelle Lang on



Hope is active and is always moving forward; it is woven into our DNA. Webster defines hope as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Starting my first blog prior a year and a half ago out of a desire to share my Rwanda trip, the one word that stuck to my core was hope. My blog was named “spoonful of hope”. We all need hope; it is what keeps us moving forward. Days when we feel like our hope is fleeting, we are renewed by the hope we see around us.

Starting a new chapter in 2013 causes me to reflect on this powerful word. Rwanda has been instrumental in my journey of hope this past year. Going to Africa was always a dream but it never worked out. Being in a pool of 600 applicants, needing a vacation approved for the busiest time of year at work and raising $3800 in a short period of time fueled my hope. All three hurdles were cleared and I was on a plane bound for Rwanda November 9, 2011.  Rwanda was the beginning of a new dream that God was planting in my heart that I never saw coming. Rwanda became firmly planted in my heart and I am connected to the people forever.

Rwanda showed me the power of forgiveness, knowing that “doing what you can do” is enough and God will grow it.  Seeing women rescued from human trafficking and given a fresh start due to obedience of "doing what you can do" gives me hope. 

Hope through the eyes of these little boys living in a Reconciliation Village where both Hutu’s and Tutsi’s now live united as Rwandans. Navigating the road to reconciliation is not an easy one, but villages like this give hope not only to the nation of Rwanda but also to the world.


Hope compels me to dream. God used a trip to Ireland in summer 2012 to plant seeds and grow my dream. 

Dreams formed in Ireland to be followed shortly in my next post. Until then, to read more about Rwanda from my original blog click on the link below:



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  • Not into facebook so I just want to say keep dreaming, keep breathing, keep smiling and keep looking to God for all your needs. Go girl!!!!

    Mom on

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