Hope in the Darkness

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Waking up to a beautiful day in West Palm Beach, swimming laps while the sun was rising in the sky, riding my bike, journaling and reading without a care in the world. I love my Sabbath day; thankful for the day to recharge. 

My current journal inspiration is Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts.  The overarching theme of the book is giving thanks in our living - in the little things, the every day things and in the ugly beautiful things knowing that God is the giver of all things.

What a beautiful day in Boston for the marathon; in one moment the day turned black. Bombs exploding at the Boston Marathon, unthinkable, who would have imagined? Praying for the people of Boston and all of the runners, I was reminded of the promise that God will use this situation for His good. This situation is an ugly beautiful gift – out of the darkness will rise hope.

Hope gets us up in the morning to do our best, to make our place in the world better. Pastor Eric inspires me. Serving the people of Ntarama in the Bugesera district in Rwanda his life testifies to hope every single day.

His church is five miles away from the Ntarama memorial site where 5,000 people were killed during the 1994 genocide. The community of Ntarama is a historical site of the mass murders. Everywhere they go they are reminded of the horrors of death.

Although it has been 19 years, the magnitude of the killings mean healing is slow and is counted in years not days or months. The church in the picture is where Pastor Eric serves. The church is now part of the rebuilding that is taking place physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Pastor Eric’s bicycle is the main mode of transportation that allows him to reach the people of Ntamara. When he was given his bike he danced around, as he was now able to minister to his community more effectively. We have raised at least 20 bikes out of the 39 needed to ensure the Pastors in Kigali are able bring hope to those they serve as they continue the healing process. 

Seeing first hand the restoration in Rwanda inspires me and reminds me Hope is always there, even when it seems darkest. Hope compels us to keep going, to look for the good knowing even in the depths of despair and trouble God’s love remains.

Details on how to support the bikes for Rwanda program and give a pastor an additional helping of hope:

Make out your check as follows: 
To: World Help, In the memo line: Rwanda Bikes 
Mail to: World Help, Attn. Cyrus Mad-Bondo, PO Box 501, Forest Hill, VA 24551 

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