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Hope is an Anchor

Posted by Janelle Lang on

Hope is our anchor; keeping us grounded and staying the course whether our lives are rough seas or calm waters.  “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure” (Hebrews 6:19).  Hope keeps us going regardless our circumstances. Digging deep into our souls, hope is unmovable because it is anchored to a rock that can’t be moved.


Precious brother and sister born 1 ½ weeks earlier than anticipated currently being watched over in NICU give meaning to hope. They have a smart mama who knew the source of hope was Scripture to bolster her and keep her centered. Knowing the ability to pray over her babies’ words of truth so they would know how precious they are to God would also encourage and lift her spirits. 

Writing those prayers of affirmation and promise was a blessing; doubly blessed to speak those Scriptures over sister then brother with their mama. Hope keeps us going even when we don’t like the circumstances we find ourselves in. Pushing through and not giving up is a result of a heart full of hope.

Wishing I could say we prayed Scripture over them and they both were able to leave the hospital the next day.  Precious brother and sister will find themselves another week in NICU. The heart cries out no, but the head knows this is best to ensure these two gifts from the Lord have the best medical help so they can come home when the time is right.

Hope understands the miracle isn’t always in the immediate; knowing the miracle is coming is what moves us forward and causes us to hope. Hope is an anchor that goes deep into our soul. Hope knows the miracle will come; it’s just not on our time schedule.

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  • lots of love to you and yours, these images are loelvy. I’m glad you’re publishing them here too since I’m not on instagram. I can’t even imagine what I’m missing ;)

    Koji on

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