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Hope Found In a Spreadsheet

Posted by Janelle Lang on

Looking at my Bible Study Library Check Out Sheet I was filled with a sense of HOPE.  Collecting Bible Studies like others collect paintings I have found I need a check out sheet to keep track of the studies. Knowing that studies do no good on my shelf, sharing them with others is a delight. Updating the sheet, I realized four were checked out in the past 7 days. Looking at those four names I smiled as I reflected on the reasons for each “checked out” study.

A college graduate taking a study home to do with her family this summer, a mom taking advantage of a “waiting period” to rally up women to study while her daughter’s practice occurs. Two soon to be student teachers realizing this summer is a great window to dig in deep to prepare them for the fall ahead when they enter the class room. 

Reflecting on the Beth Moore study I started last night with a room full of women in my condo, knowing the last to do it was a college woman. Convincing her family that included some pretty tough older brothers that it would be a great “family” thing to do (they really love their sister)!

Smiling. HOPE is the thread that weaves all of these studies and participants together. Knowing we are driven to study because we know life can and will be better when we are focused on the master builder who is our foundation.

Finding comfort that we are not alone, that others are just as messed up; even if we look pretty on the outside we are imperfect. Knowing there are stories of overcoming, of modern day miracles, life transformation that have been and will continue to be told– this gives us HOPE.  Fueling our HOPE is the expectancy of what awaits us in this adventure of life; it keeps us opening our workbooks and Bibles to do the next day’s homework.

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