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Setting out on my mission in the Atlanta Metro are to find inspiration, best practices and networking was exciting and a bit nerve wracking this morning. Relying heavily on the web to pin point areas to visit at least for day one until I could start making connections I was hoping what I found on the web was true. Owners I have reached out to with similar type concepts have not responded to emails or calls. This trip will be a true fact finding mission causing me to trust God to direct me to the right places.

Multi-tasking always, I had chosen this time period to be in Atlanta so I could also attend Thursday afternoon and Friday morning sessions presented by Life Way on Leadership as it relates to ministering to women.  There was only one store that fit into the geography I needed to cover this morning but it looked AMAZING and I have continued to tell myself it is not about quantity of connections it is about good connections.

Knowing the set up above, you have already guessed, it wasn’t AMAZING. The shop was beautiful but nothing Artisan quality, all mass production. Asking the manager if she knew of any stores with locally made product, she couldn’t think of a one BUT she thought downtown Roswell might be a place to check out.

Laughing as she told me just go past Sandy Springs and then when you go over the bridge just before the river you will know you are in Roswell. Huh?? So I just smiled like I knew exactly what that meant, even though I had told her I was from Florida. Getting into the car I punched Roswell into my navigation and it showed 5 miles away.

Adventure is what this trip is about so I checked my watch and knew I had time to explore Roswell and still get to Gwinnett for 1:00 pm.  Driving I just said, “God, I just need one connection but if it doesn’t happen, I will not get discouraged.”  I found my way to downtown Roswell and it is cute! As I started walking the shops I came across were closed and stated they opened at 12 noon.  Now I was getting discouraged as I couldn’t wait until 12 noon.

Continuing to walk, I came across Serendipity. Warmly greeted by the owner Adriana I was hoping this was the place. Wandering around I could tell the store had some artisan goods. I waited for her to finish with a customer and asked if she carried local items. She started showing me the various items; we were off and running. 

Understanding and trusting that I wasn’t a competitor she gladly shared and answered my questions. She had great insight and has had her shop for 7 ½ years so she is a seasoned professional. She loves South Florida and hopefully we will connect in person when she comes to Del Ray in July for vacation.

Leaving I let her know that she was God’s answer to my prayer today. Looking forward to what tomorrow afternoon at Beehive and Decatur has to bring. Stay tuned.


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