Hope Found Along the Way to Jacksonville

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Looking for artisans on my 4-hour trek up the coast to Jacksonville was my first north coast of Florida artisan search. Cocoa looked promising with its big signs on 95 boasting a Historic Downtown beckoning me to see what treasures I could find.  Weaving my way to the downtown area I was greeted with streets full of shops that were locally owned. Looking for a parking space I came across a multi color storefront and I was determined to visit. Explosions of color filled my sight when entering the store. Carolyn Seiler & Friends is a local artist co-op and from the looks an art camp had just finished some great masterpieces. Chatting with one of the artisans it is apparent all those in the co-op have a love for life and their craft. If you are in the Cocoa area, visit them at 318 Delannoy Ave.

Driving through the deluge of rain (need rain where you live, ask me to visit) I finally found respite when I arrived in St. Augustine. Rich in history and beauty, I was saddened I did not have time to soak it in and take a tour. Once again, I looked for the road less traveled and turned off King Street onto a quiet side street called Aviles. Paved with uneven cobblestones sure to have many stories to tell of events of yesteryear, were some of the best-kept shops.  Wandering down the street, I came across Amiro Art & Found. Amiro is an artisan co-op with an eclectic mix of items; artisans working in the store were friendly and knowledgeable about all the artisans. While most of the crowd heads down George Street for shopping, go the other direction and visit Amiro at 9 Aviles Street, it will be worth it.

Next and stop Jacksonville but before I go, thought I would share some photos taken on what once again turned into a storm on Anastasia Island. No store needed to showcase the master artisan but a reminder of the beauty of His creation.

Amiro Art & Found Caroline Seiler & Friends Cocoa st. augustine

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  • It has felt like such a surreal excepienre! I’m so blessed that I get to share it with such amazing women! You guys are all so talented, inspirational and supportive! The best group of ladies around!

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