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Hope Found Along the River

Posted by Janelle Lang on

Wondering if the hype of the Riverside Arts Market would measure up, I expectantly made my way to the market.  Arriving at the market it was clear, it was going to live up to its billing of 150 local artisans. One of the wonderful things about this market is it takes place underneath the bridge along the river.  The market is fully shaded and protected from the elements so no worry about the brutal summer sun.

Wandering up and down the aisles I met many artisans with goods I have not seen before in my journeys. Hoping many of them will become artisans for Shoppe 561. One of the things that excites me about the possibilities for Shoppe 561 is to take the best from each part of the state creating a true representation of the talent Florida artisans possess.

Hearing their stories and passion for what they create inspires me. I look forward to sharing that inspiration with those who walk through the doors of Shoppe 561. Wishing for a moment I lived in Jacksonville so I could go every week. Loving the sounds of the local folk rock band flowing throughout the rows, families and friends laughing, dogs barking – life being enjoyed and savored.

If you ever find yourself in Jacksonville on a Saturday – you must make the Riverside Arts Market a “must” on your list of things to do.



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  • Janelle….It was such a pleasure meeting you @ the market! We have just settled into our new home in St Augustine Beach. I have set up my studio and hope to resume creating any day now. I look forward to news of opening day of your “Shoppe 561”. TNT, Anni

    Anni Frohlich on

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