Seeing Hope in Change

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Living life means going through change. Knowing change is around the corner can be comforting or concerning.  Embracing change is only possible when our hope is in something bigger than the present moment.

Opening my condo door today, my title changed from owner to tenant. Starting a new business left me feeling I needed to sell my condo. Moving forward confidently with Shoppe 561 knowing it will be a success I wanted to minimize my liabilities. Believing if God wanted it to sell - it would so I really never gave it much thought. Loving my home, reflecting on so many great memories I released it to God and said if it is your will so be it.

Wondering how God would bring it to fruition I would tell people when it happens there will only be one thing to say, “it is all God”.  Knowing this got me excited as I couldn’t imagine how it would go down but three weeks ago an offer was placed and accepted on my condo that cleared me of my debt and the owners asked me if I would be willing to rent from them.

Timing from start to finish was three weeks. Praising God I still get to live in my home for at least a year or two. Allowing me time to now focus in on the business knowing there is no move to be had, that I get to remain settled. Realizing that God can and does immeasurably more than we could hope or expect. 

Loving others is a risk but the reward is much greater. Leaving my condo this morning I went to say goodbye to big sister, little sister and their parents. Knowing they are going back to their home state where grandma, grandpa, nana, papa and aunts and uncles abound made it much easier. Knowing God had cleared their path like a bulldozer, there was nothing else to do but cheer them on to be obedient.

Embracing change when it seems scary, sad, unknown or even exciting is rooted in the hope that there is best choice vs good choice ahead.  Living life means embracing the changes that are in our path knowing it might not always mean we “win” in the short term. Knowing regardless what comes our way we have hope and that hope is the foundation that doesn’t move even when all the pieces of our lives seem to scatter.



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