Face of Hope through the Lens of a Camera

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Excited to be sharing with you another face of hope. May you be inspired as you read the various stories of the Florida Artisans in the blog and be encouraged.

Today’s face of hope is one I have known since she was in college. It’s been a joy to watch her grow, discover her passion and make it her career. She makes me laugh; just seeing her I break into a smile. She has a gift to make people feel right at home like they have been best friends forever. She inspires hope in life’s moments through the lens of her camera.

 Introducing ………

Shea Christine

Attending Palm Beach Atlantic University Shea wasn’t sure of her future career path. She tried many avenues in her studies but none were a fit until she found photography her junior year.  Seeing photographers and wishing she could do what they were doing she came to the realization that photography was her passion. 

Practicing her photography skills, she was inspired by the amount of creativity it involved. Photography allowed her to show other views of the world and was a great way to capture life’s most memorable moments.


Since graduating from PBA in December 2011, she has been full time at Shea Christine Photography. While in college, she started working part time shooting weddings. Based on the business she gained, she believed it could be her full time career. She took a leap of faith. Shea has been able to support herself with just her photography since she started and her business continues to grow. Shea has a gift that makes her subjects relax and draws their personalities out. Yours truly is a perfect example. Shea shot my photo shoot for Shoppe 561 and I actually like some of my pictures (which is a first)!  She captured my essence. For one so young, she has such a gift that has endless possibilities.

Shea’s life has many facets of hope.  If one were to read her growing up story, she would be the kid that had a one in a million chance of making it let alone going to college and having her own company. Shea is a fighter.  She has dreams and is committed to working hard to make them a reality. Doing what she loves to do and sharing that love with others through the special events of their lives is a blessing and a gift. She believes in a God who is bigger than her past circumstances and she has confidence that He will provide what she needs moving forward.

Shea shares hope in her photographs, capturing life through a different lens and encouraging others to see life differently. Mentoring youth and standing up to be a voice for those without one through her Hope for Freedom work drives her forward. Currently she is part of Hope for Freedom’s Education Team that goes to schools in South Florida to educate girls about human trafficking and safe guarding themselves from becoming victims.

Not satisfied with her current state, she is stretching her inner-artisan and is planning on publishing a book with creative photography that will inspire others to see life through a different lens. Looking forward to carrying her book at Shoppe 561 in 2014.

Hope found behind the lens of a camera - that’s Shea Christine.


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