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Lemonade from Lemons

Posted by Janelle Lang on

As the delays have continued to mount with the shoppe opening in our new home I have to remind myself I wrote in this blog when announcing our new location the journey was just starting. Little did I know the journey we would be taken on.


All of our furniture and props under the big blue canvas.

It has become apparent to me as the delays have mounted it has nothing to do with the construction team, they have been excellent and every Saturday morning they are there working. Each group of contractors is working hard; the superintendent is great as is his leader. I pray each day the words we have written on the walls encourage all those who work and they know the building they are working on is different and that it inspires them.


Driving down South Dixie Hwy I see buildings that were further behind in construction I did not even look at for fear they would not be ready for us to move in late August yet they are all open with businesses in them. I realize our journey includes spiritual warfare and it actually gets me even more excited. Yes I hate the delays, my anxiety issues continue to present themselves although I am still the calmest one in the room but I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt our new home is where God’s presence is. I can play the movie forward and see the community, the relationships and the enlightenment about human trafficking. I get more passionate about our new home being worth all the drama. When I read the story below of Charity - one of our Hope House Girls – my passion grows and I remind myself all the delays and obstacles are worth it.


"When I was 14 years old, I thought I had found love. He showed me all the attention I wanted, told me I was beautiful and that he loved me. It was not long before he began selling me multiple times a night and would take all the money earned—I had nothing. I was arrested one night and brought to Place of Hope’s Hope House. What I feared to be the worst evening turned out to be God rescuing me. I spent the next year healing physically and emotionally. At Hope House I learned what true love is and my value. I was able to graduate high school at 16, testify against my traffickers and see them sent to prison!"


Picture from the front door

The downside is I am not excited about the fact we will end up having to transition our shoppe the week after Thanksgiving knowing December is our highest volume month. I have to stop and remind myself  God has continued to provide. When we could have been out on the street with nowhere to go for November, my landlord at 319 Belvedere worked with the new tenant to delay so we could remain an additional month. When we needed more folding tables to display our entire product, they just kept appearing. Wondering how we were going to display 25 additional artisans in a space that is too small (which is why we are moving) I realized we had a backroom that if we emptied of back stock (stacking under the tables on the floor) we could transform into a “Know who made it” Boutique providing plenty of room for trying on shoes and clothing.


In my sisterhood (bible study) we just started “A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit – 5 Habits from the Book of Ruth” by Nicki Koziarz. Already just one week I know this study is perfectly timed.  The first habit we learned is “She accepted the assignment of refinement”. I really don’t like the thought of refinement but it seems God desires to strip away my pride and my independence and cause me to trust Him even more and depend on Him for provision.


Print by Artisan Sarah and frame by team member Monique.

I still don’t know how it is going to play out but one of my friends said last week – when all is said and done we are going to look back and say “wow, look how God showed up.” I believe that with all my heart and I look forward to continuing to share ways how God is taking our lemons and turning them into lemonade.


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  • The Lord has used you again and again to minister to me and to many others through your words and faith throughout this journey. I was truly touched by this blog post and the story shared from Charity. Thank you!

    Sage Gaylord on

  • Janelle, you are a true role model for us artisans, I for one am proud you represent us. All will work according to Gods plan. You shine!!

    Sandy Yavorcik on

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