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One of the things I committed to doing while the shoppe has been on vacation (in the midst of my inspiration; artisan and décor search in Georgia) was to read a book. I read Bobbie Houston’s Sisterhood. There are so many great nuggets but the quote above is the one that resonates with me in this stage in the journey. I hope it encourages you!

Below find an update on our new location:

The journey continues to unfold as it relates to our new location. I would love to tell you the lease is signed and all is ticked and tied but it is not. In social media I had shared the day I got the lease – June 20th there were some hurdles to overcome but I was confident we would. The good news is a big hurdle relating to the date was overcome but we are still in process. We are waiting on clarifications on a few issues so we can incorporate them into our final redline to submit for review.

I am at peace and know God is working through what to me seems like a delay. Which leads me to a story…

God once again showed me His favor in this journey. Knowing I would need an attorney to review the lease I began asking people to give me recommendations. Deep down I wanted a lawyer I knew that understood my perspective in focusing on the big things and not getting caught up in things that would not have an impact in the long run.

God put in my direct path a lawyer in one of our cooking classes I know from church and from the work he does to support Place of Hope. The day after class it occurred to me I should reach out to him to see if he could help me; of course I got distracted and did not. God of course put him in my path a second time and I didn’t ask so the next day this lawyer sent me a message to say he signed up for another cooking class. At this point I am sure God was like “Janelle are you not getting the hint” - I replied to the email and asked if he would be able to review my lease agreement when I received it as I wasn’t sure of his specialty. You won’t be surprised to learn his specialty is commercial real estate. He is very modest but when reading his profile he is very, very, very good at what he does. He negotiates big land deals; I am humbled he is helping me with my 2200 square foot plus space.

Although I am used to contracts this one was a bit challenging for reasons I won’t go into but my lawyer was able to quickly simplify it and boil it down to what needed to happen to get the clarity needed. Literally in a 30 minute call he took my 4 pages of notes and was able to explain them all and determine changes needed and what questions I would need to ask. All the questions I was asking were every professional and straightforward and sensible. What a huge relief I felt, as typing the actions needed to the managing partner to know what I was asking was straightforward with no hidden motives or agenda.

Today some new twists occurred catching me off guard but I am not concerned. God has provided me with the best lawyer possible to help with my lease and gaining the clarity needed (which has been received well by the managing partner). He will use the new twists to bring a result beyond my comprehension.

The lesson God continues to teach me is although I would like to get to the finish line there is much I need to learn on the journey. This entire journey to date I have learned the importance of being patient and letting God work and trust His timing.

Stay tuned….

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  • Its such a hard lesson for me to learn… That I have to be still along the journey instead of restless in the pursuit of the end result.

    Sage Gaylord on
  • I know this journey has been one step of faith after anothe me for you, but it continues to so exciting to witness from an outside perspective. CAN’T WAIT!! yay God!!!

    katie on

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