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One Step Closer to the One in a Million Space

Posted by Janelle Lang on

The bag shown is my “dream bag". At the end of my time in Ireland when I knew God was saying my next step was to open a shop and fill it with all things Florida and shine a light on modern day slavery I bought this bag. Everything I collected related to the shoppe along the way from the moment I purchased the bag at Avoca in Dublin, Ireland I put it in the bag. Every time I now go on an artisan search I always take this bag.

Tonight its in plain view in my Jacksonville Beach hotel room as I am currently on a 3-day artisan search and inspiration trip. The timing of this trip is perfect which is no surprise. Today I received a call from one of the partners about the ”One in a Million" space as I was driving to St. Augustine. Part of the trip is to get inspiration and décor/design ideas for the new space, which can be challenging when you don’t know exactly what your new space looks like unless God just happens to make it so you get the answer before you set foot in St. Augustine.

Before I go any further let me take a few steps back and catch you up on all that has happened since my last post….

After I turned in the application for the “One in a Million” location I resigned myself it could be a week before I heard anything. I needed to just breathe and let go knowing if it was going to happen God was going to bring it to fruition. This past Monday in my Propel Group I told the girls I decided to put on my “patience panties” and was committed to just being chill. I gave them permission to call me out if they saw me showing any signs of impatience.

All week I have been getting questions and people wanting updates on the space. I LOVE the questions because it shows me just how much the community has gotten involved in the search. Every time when asked I say "my patience panties are on" and refuse to get anxious about the situation. (I of course am trying to figure out where the real Janelle has gone because she has no patience and chill is never a word used to describe her.) I can explain it no other way than a peace has come over me and I know with full confidence God is in control and His plan is awesome so I need to let Him work.

I decided I would wait until Thursday and if I hadn’t heard anything I would follow up, as it would be a week since I sent the application. As I was getting ready to head out on my trip this morning I decided to wait until I got to St. Augustine to call hoping I would get an update to avoid coming across pushy. You of course will not be surprised to know I got a call while driving from one of the partners of the “One in a Million” space. He left a message letting me know some signals had been crossed and he was sorry for the delay. I got off at the first exit to call him back with my pen and paper ready to take notes.

I am still in awe of the conversation and how easy it flowed and how much amazingness and blessings the shoppe received in just that short conversation. I get to pick the color for my awning, decide the tint for the concrete floor, choose the paint color for the walls and they will paint vs them painting it white and having me paint when I take possession, parking options beyond what I could have ever imagined and no issue with me moving in by August 31st.....and this isn't everything!

The terms of agreement will be headed my way by the end of the weekend and based on the timing I hope to reveal the "One in a Million" location soon. Out of respect for their organization until the agreement is signed and they are good with me sharing I will wait - I know now you have to be patient!

Tonight when I arrived in Jacksonville Beach I was so tempted to whip out the laptop and get my project plan going when I looked out at the beach and felt God saying again…. “Chill and just be in the moment; plans will wait until you get back to WPB”. I went to the hot tub first and of course  I found my tribe. I can’t tell you the names of any of the adults but Zack who of course is 5 years old found me immediately and little sister Rachel at 3 years soon joined. It was fun to discuss some of the great mysteries: why a hot tub is hot, why there are jets and the benefits of a jet all at a level that makes sense to the 5 and under set. It was fun to be in the moment and I realized God had perfectly planned all of this allowing me to get the news when I was away keeping me from diving right into plans and forcing me to stop and just enjoy the moment.

Thank you for your support, your encouragement and your prayers. While this seems like I am coming to the “end” it is truly the first step of faith in this journey to the new location and what the new location will be about. Giving thanks again tonight not just for what God has done but also for who He is and for His continued provision.

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  • So exciting! I can’t wait to hear more. ?

    Jennifer on

  • THIS IS AMAZING!! praising God with you and I am overjoyed at the way He is once again showing His favor as you grow the way He did when you opened. WOW.

    katie on

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