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Pressing the RESET Button

Posted by Janelle Lang on

How can it be 7 months since I have shared the journey of the shoppe and all I am learning. Feeling compelled to blog but the energy to write has been hard to find. Over the next two weeks you will get caught up on all I have been learning since my last blog in October. Sideways is the one word to describe how life has gone since my last post. You will be relieved to know you aren’t the only one whose life is nothing what it looks like to others.     My birthday is the first day of summer – June 21st and I will be 52 (thanks for being shocked at the fact I could be a day over 40). Reflecting on life since I turned 50, a reset is in order even if life continues going sideways. My reset starts with needing to LIVE (my word for 2017) which means having a party, being social, putting myself out there and taking a risk by setting my guest list to 52 people (one for each year of life).     Speaking words of life and providing a reason to gather our community is what I want...

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