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The Unexpected

Posted by Janelle Lang on

So much has been happening yet so few dates have been locked down I felt there was not much to share other than “I am hoping but am unable to confirm when we are moving.” After a great meeting with my new landlord this past Friday I can now plan our move and choreograph all the other details to support what I hope will be an uneventful move.

At the beginning of my one in a million journey I promised to share the ups and downs and my last post announcing our new home I stated it was truly only the beginning of the journey.

So much to do in August but without set dates due to issues with the Historic Preservation Board and permitting in the new location left this “get er done” woman who likes to be ticked and tied in a precarious state. I created plans as best I could with all the to dos just waiting for hard and fast dates to update the plan and get executing but alas it has been slow in coming.

I promised to be vulnerable so I share what I know many reading have gone through and for those who have never shared for fear of what others would say, I hope this encourages you. Stress has always been a part of my 25 ½ years at Gap Inc and my last 7 where I was accountable for all the store deliveries in North America was highly stressful and that would probably be an understatement. Transitioning into a start up business ads a whole new level of stress. My personality is one in which I am not anxious and stress is just part of the every day and it gets managed. Apparently a week ago Monday my body decided it was done managing and wanted to get my attention. As I was driving home from Fort Lauderdale my chest started getting very tight and both hands and arms starting tingling and my face started feeling fuzzy. I later learned my symptoms reflected hyperventilating without the hard time breathing. Fast forward at the doctor the next morning he confirmed it was anxiety. I told him of course stress and especially now but anxiety? He told me we were going to eliminate things so step 1 was to take the prescription he gave me for 2 days to see if I noticed a change. The good news you could say is within 24 hrs I felt the change and was amazed what my body was saying as the drugs seemed to allow me to hear it speaking. It seems God wanted to make sure before we move I make changes, create boundaries and add new outlets not currently in place to better manage.

Believing there are no coincidences. When I met with my landlord last Friday we went into 1905 S. Dixie and he said “you won’t believe what we uncovered” and then I saw a skylight. I felt God was saying – I am here, I am with you and this opening allowing you to see the sky will be a constant reminder of my presence. My goal it to be working hard this next month to work through the added stress triggers and uncover any issues I have held on to vs. let go that have continued to create stress that I thought were buried.


different angles of the skylight

Now let’s turn to the shoppe’s move. Counting Tuesday, September 6th we only have 10 shopping days left at 319 Belvedere Road. Our last day of business will be September 17th. We will use the following two weeks to pack with the goal if all goes well to begin moving furniture and props into our new home starting the 26th of September with 100% of our shoppe moving into our new home by end of day Friday, September 30th.


Glass block window in the back of our new location serving as the anchor to our classroom and a "before" picture taken from the front of the shoppe.

Opening in our new location on Tuesday, October 25th is the plan. We will have a much better idea once we get into the first week of October.

Community is such a big part of the shoppe which is why we will be providing ways you can get involved in making our new home a collaborative effort. Just as we had a wall writing and blessing party in our current shoppe we will do the same at 1905 S. Dixie. We will be asking you to come write on our walls before they are painted your wishes, blessings, poems, scripture etc. We will only get about a week’s notice from our landlord as it will depend on the contractors so be on the lookout for the event. In the meantime you can be thinking what you plan to write on our walls.

Finally, Halle the chief creator and owner of Flower and Fringe will be creating multiple installations for the shoppe and we will be asking you to come help create. The events will be posted in our class section; we will ask people to sign up for various activities. Tentatively the workshops to create the installations will occur the second week of October – more to come soon.

I am so excited about our new space and the features we have discovered, the treasures we are collecting along the way to tell a story of Hope, the amazing products the artisans are creating and the new collections I am curating.

The best truly is yet to come and I look forward to continuing to share the journey with you!


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  • I have loved all of the suspenseful updates about your new space! I especially love that you discovered a skylight! I always feel like a skylight is giving us a little peak into heaven whenever I get to look up and see the sky.

    Sage Gaylord on

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