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Amber Jacobs

After being introduced to essential oils years ago and using them without really knowing much about them, the skeptic and curious side of me decided to take classes to educate myself on them and find out the science (and art) behind them.  During the process of becoming certified as an aromatherapist, I began thinking of all the people I know that use oils, that could benefit from and need to hear the information I was learning. That’s why I’m teaching aromatherapy classes….to share my knowledge and help others weed through all the (mis)information out there.  I like to say that aromatherapy is like Pandora’s box...once you open it, there is so much more to discover. One can never stop learning and exploring new oils and ways to benefit from them. Plus, they smell amazing!

As well as being a certified aromatherapist, I also have a B.S. of Food & Nutrition.  Some of my roles are that of an artist, a mom of two, a wife to one, and business owner.  I’m just a person trying to spread light and love to the world in my own small way. Hoping to make a difference.

Peace, Love, and Good Aromas….

Amber Jacobs

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