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Denise Castronovo

Denise Castronovo

Training: I am a trained scientist and potter. I completed doctoral work in ecology and have a Bachelor’s degree in environmental science. I am very interested in the genetic diversity of cacao and how it translates to flavor. I take a scientific approach toward chocolate making where I am constantly experimenting with different roasting and conching profiles to tweak out different flavors from each bean. 

Chocolate philosophy: Chocolate has over 600 different flavor notes that many people have not experienced or tasted before. By taking exquisite care in our bean selection, roasting, and conching, we bring out a whole suite of delicate flavor notes in our single-origin chocolate.

Location: Stuart. They have a chocolate factory, tasting room, and retail space. From the front counter customers can watch the chocolate manufacturing in our open kitchen, smell the earthy-chocolate smells of fresh roasted beans and stand among our sacks of cacao.

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