Denise Castronovo and Domenica Frankland

Denise Castronovo: 

TrainingI am a trained scientist and potter. I completed doctoral work in ecology and have a Bachelor’s degree in environmental science. I am very interested in the genetic diversity of cacao and how it translates to flavor. I take a scientific approach toward chocolate making where I am constantly experimenting with different roasting and conching profiles to tweak out different flavors from each bean. 

Chocolate Philosophy: Chocolate has over 600 different flavor notes that many people have not experienced or tasted before. By taking exquisite care in our bean selection, roasting, and conching, we bring out a whole suite of delicate flavor notes in our single-origin chocolate.

Location: Stuart. They have a chocolate factory, tasting room, and retail space. From the front counter customers can watch the chocolate manufacturing in our open kitchen, smell the earthy-chocolate smells of fresh roasted beans and stand among our sacks of cacao.

Domenica Frankland:

Italian wine finds a natural home in Domenica’s family — Domenica was born in Puglia, Italy and moved to New York when she was a year old. For almost 15 years, Domenica was a manager at i Trulli, her brother’s restaurant in New York City, which has one of the largest exclusively Italian wine lists in NY. When Domenica met Dave (the man she would marry), Domenica’s brother also had a wine school and a wine store in New York, and early in their courtship Domenica and Dave attended many classes there together. As they got more and more passionate about wine, they attended classes and received certification from the International Wine Center in NY.

In early 2011, in an effort to find a more suitable place to raise their family, the Franklands moved to Palm Beach and opened VINOUTLET. Once they arrived, they threw themselves into the community. Domenica volunteers at Palm Beach Public and Rosarian Academy, where their two children attend, and also serves on the diocese strategic planning initiative. 

While VINOUTLET features more than Italian wine, “vino d’Italia” holds a special place in Domenica’s heart as she and Dave married in Siena and had their wedding reception at the very beautiful Castello di Monsanto in the Chianti Classico region. And, together with the families of Domenica’s three siblings, Domenica and Dave own land in Tuscany where for several years they have been making wine and olive oil, under the Massoferrato label.

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