Jenny Preston

I'm a Florida native, born and raised in Delray Beach, which I realize makes me a bit of a unicorn. I've always pursued creative adventures in some way, whether it was through music, dance, theatre, or spending hours of my pre-teens huddled over a scrapbook. I specifically remember complaining to my mom one day and telling her that I felt sub-par. I wasn't really good at one thing. Everyone had that one thing they were really good at, while I dabbled and sometimes excelled but the competitive spirit just wasn't there. I now blame my Gemini sign for this, and I've come to embrace it over the years, seeing it as a strength, rather than a hinderance. When I started this business I didn't know exactly what I wanted it to be, but I knew I had a love for events and seeing all these little pieces and conversations come together for one night of pure magic. I loved the energy of an event, I loved the hustle and release at the end when everyone was on the dance floor or enjoying genuine laughs over glasses of bubbly. I wanted to be a part of that. Floral design came somewhat organically out of the need to be a part of events and weddings. I wanted to be involved in the design decisions, I wanted to talk color stories, and movement, and even though I fought it and swore up and down that I wasn't and could never be a floral designer - here we are. I fell hard and fast for it. I read every book I could get my hands on, signed up for every online course I could afford, and spent hours google image searching names of flowers on price sheets. I'm so thankful for this journey and this creative pursuit, and it means the world to me that I'm able to share it with others. 

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