Robert Schrotenboer

An artist from the Midwest and currently the Executive Raw Chef at Darbster, Robert Schrotenboer has always spent time in kitchens - from local mom and pops to fine dining. Working at a scratch whole wheat bakery in Dallas furthered his interest healthy food. His foray into plant based foods began at the Soma Cafe in Lake Worth making vegan soups, baked goods, smoothies and juices. After it closed he ran a cottage bakery from his home delivering fresh bread  to his neighbors by bicycle. He joined the Darbster team four years ago, the last two as the raw chef. The married father of three enjoys feeding his family his vegan creations.When not in the kitchen you will find him in the ocean surfing, with his wife teaching The Bradley Method of Natural childbirth or on the soccer field as a community youth coach for ten years and recently for Cardinal Newman high school.

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