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Sara Jean and Nicole Hodson

Sara Jean:

A native to West Palm Beach, Sara Jean started her career as a Visual Artist in 2010 with Anthropologie, but has recently transitioned to freelance visual design for local boutiques, events and private clients. She has experience in retail merchandising, displays and event design with a passion for transforming a seemingly insurmountable idea into an unforgettable experience. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her sidekick Toby (an adorable Pomeranian), brunching with friends and perusing local spots for inspiration.

Nicole Hodson:

Founded by Nicole Hodson, Boho Garden Crowns is located in West Palm Beach, FL and provides flower crowns for events and parties, along with custom flower designs for photoshoots and weddings. Nicole's desire is to provide a unique service that would be personable, sincere and engaging to all her boho seeking clients. Through the details of each flower, color and design, Nicole values the characteristics that come together to create flower crowns and floral creations that are truly designed to each individual or event. Boho Garden Crowns has provided flower crowns and event services on all over the country, she also provides flower arrangements for weddings, special events and flower installations, such as flower walls and arbors, as well as, floral styling for styled editorial shoots.

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