(VIDEO) Gummi Bears for Hope Event: WPTV

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Gummies, gummies everywhere!

Shoppe 561 owner Janelle Lang is getting ready for a gummy bear taste test Thursday night.

"They're going to get to taste at least 20 different types of gummy bears….they are like no other gummy you've ever had, they're soft, chewy delicious, " said Janelle.

Soldiers and frogs and butterflies. The people at tonight's gummy bear affair will narrow down the gooey goodies to ten varieties.

The chosen yummy gummies will go on sale July 1st , with a special purpose in mind.

No matter if it's the little regular size gummy for 10 calories, or the huge papa gummy for 120 calories, each gummy will give HOPE.

In fact, they're calling this effort Gummies for Hope because part of the proceeds will go to Hope House Florida.

Charles Bender is the executive director of Hope House Florida.

"Florida is ranked third in the nation for verified findings of sex trafficking or human trafficking as a whole. Hope house Florida is really about directly dealing with, not just talking about but dealing with these issues of human trafficking, " said Charles.

Janelle came up with the idea to bring the gummies back to her store.

"For us, when we think about gummies it also brings about hope, and so we want that sense of hope and encouragement and just light-heartedness because we want to remember that these girls that were once in captivity are now free so there's hope that they will be healed and they will be restored."

In fact Janelle feels so strongly about this cause that a portion of everything in her store goes to the Hope House. Since she opened a year and a half ago, she's donated more than $5,200 dollars and she's hoping to donate a whole lot more. 

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