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Bright Green Paisley Dog Collar

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This collar features a bright and happy green and blue paisley print. These fabric collars are available in a range of neck sizes, a number of collar widths, and are made in either martingale or buckle style. Because each collar is individually made, fabric position will vary for each collar. (Shown in the photo is the 14-18" Neck // 1.5" Width // Martingale collar in the green paisley print.) This listing is for 1 collar. 

Shown in the 2nd picture from left to right are a few options: 14-18" Neck, 1.5" Width Martingale Collar // 14-18" Neck, 1" Width Buckle Collar // 10-15" Neck, 3/4" Width Buckle Collar, 7-11" Neck, 1/2" Width Buckle Collar

TO ORDER: Determine the length around your dog's neck, then choose from the width options for that length and the choice of martingale style or traditional buckle. See options in drop-down menu above. 

Additional Information on Martingale Collars: Martingale Collars help a dog stay comfortable and happy while being completely secure on their leash. When a dog tries to pull their head out of the collar, the tension pulls the small loop taut, making the larger loop tighter on the neck, preventing escape. The dog is not choked, but the collar stays snug around the dog's neck until the pressure is released.

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